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Saturn's Purple Firefly

Sort me please!

Name: Renee

Age: 13

1. Who is your favorite character? My favorite character is probably Luna Lovegood because she and I are a lot alike. People make fun of me because I'm strange and have different ideas on different things and Luna has that same personality.

2. Who is you least favorite character? Umm...least favorite character is probably Snape because he is an evil, ugly, large nosed, git.

3. Who is your favorite teacher? Probably Professor Vector who teaches astronomy because I'm really into the stars and he seems like the perfect teacher to teach someone about the stars.

4. Your least favorite? My least favorite class would probably be History of Magic because it's a real bore and the teacher's dead, it's so boring.

5. What is your favorite class? Ironically, my favorite class would be Potions and Astronomy (I can't choose!) I say Potions because right now, in our school, we're learning chemistry and I think that chemistry is really cool how you can create different things right in front of your eyes. Astronomy because I love the stars and think they're beautiful.

6. What is your view on the dark arts? I think that the dark arts isn't something that I would want to get caught up in. I think this because I wouldn't want to be a follower of you-know-who and end up dead in the end. I really think though that's it's my life and if I make this mistake then hopefully no one else will.

7. Should they be taught to students? No. I strongly believe that the dark arts should not be taught to students because of that uncontrollable urge to use it each other.

8. Do you feel the things Snape does are justified? No again. He treats the students very unfairly and favors his own house.

9. Do you feel Umbridge was fair in her reign of the school? No, yet again. She was too powerhungry and it seemed like she was out to get everyone (Slytherin favored her, she favored them).

10. Describe your wand: I have NO idea. I'll guess, probably a 10 and a half inch wand made of dogwood with a unicorn hair as its core. But yet again, I'm not Ollivander, so I wouldn't know. I would bring my cat (who is orange and white) with me because he is always there for me and if something would go wrong I could always rely on him to help me through it. He also knows all my secrets and I would bring him so I could tell him more secrets. </b>

12. What is your favorite spell? This is very bad, I know, but probably Imperio, from the Unforgivable Curses, I think it's really interesting, but don't judge me just because of this answer.

13. If you were an animagus, what would you be (keeping in mind that your form is a reflection of your personality)? A cat, because cats are really sly and sneaky and I love cats a whole bunch.

14. If you were on the quidditch team what position would you play? Chaser because I have really good aim and I'm the ace striker on our soccer team. I also think it would be really fun to play, you could think of Chasers as offense.

15. What magical career would you pursue after Hogwarts? The lead guitarist for the Wierd Sisters!! No, probably a healer so I could make people feel better.

16. What house do you feel you should be in? Ravenclaw, because I feel that I have a lot of those qualities but the final decision is up to you!
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