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Hogwarts Application

Sorting Hat Questionaire
Assume that all of these questions have 'why?' affixed to them.

Name: soosha_q
Age: 24

1. Who is your favorite character? It's a tie between Professor Snape and Professor Dumbledore.  I've always identified with Snape's loner personality and surly exterior more, but Professor Dumbledore's all knowing and gentle demeanor just melts my heart!

2. Who is you least favorite character? The pathetic Filch. It's not the student's fault that he's a squib!

3. Who is your favorite teacher? As Dumbledore is technically headmaster I'll have to say Professor Snape, and for the same reasons as stated in #1.

4. Your least favorite? Hmmm...I suppose Professor Trelawney.  She's such a fraud.

5. What is your favorite class? Quite seriously it would be Potions.  I tend to put a lot of attention to small details and I'm positive I would achieve high marks in that class.

6. What is your view on the dark arts? Dark arts can be useful at times.  Although you should be sure to exercise caution when and if using them.

7. Should they be taught to students? Of course.   How are people suppose to defend themselves against something they know nothing about?

8. Do you feel the things Snape does are justified? To an extent.  I certainly think he could calm down a bit on giving out detentions and yelling at people about their abissmal potions, but someone has to be strict with students.

9. Do you feel Umbridge was fair in her reign of the school?  I feel she's an old woman with a Napoleon complex who let power go to her head.  Not to mention she has terrible fashion sense.

10. Describe your wand: The Alivan's wand choosing thing gave me the same wand as Potter's, only 4 inches longer.  I believe that means my wand is powerful.

11. What type of pet would you bring with you? An owl.  They are the most useful, and I do like to keep in contact with my family and friends back home.

12. What is your favorite spell?  Oooh.  Good question.  I think Furnunculus mixed with Jelly-Legs.  Having tentacles sprout all over your victims face HAS to be funny.

13. If you were an animagus, what would you be (keeping in mind that your form is a reflection of your personality)?  Hmm....Probably a large cat of some sort.  Not because I'm graceful or anything, but because I like to sleep a lot and I have a high opinion of myself.

14. If you were on the quidditch team what position would you play?  I'd be a referee.  I don't like to get involved in the action, but I do like to have to power to tell people when they've done something wrong.

15. What magical career would you pursue after Hogwarts?  I think it'd probably be cool to be a curse lifter for Gringotts.  What an adventure it'd be to crawl around caves and tombs and whatnot and lift curses so that long lost treasures could be recovered!

16. What house do you feel you should be in?  Slytherin.  I've always been sorted into slytherin.

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