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hogwarts better watch out


1. Who is your favorite character?
My favorite HP character is Bellatrix. She is the only woman who does what she wants to and is succesful. She is intelligent and powerful. She represents the strong female, which is what I want to be. I want to be the one bringing home the money from my job, I want to be in charge. Bellatrix represents all of that ambition to me.

2. Who is you least favorite character?
My least favorite character is Peter Pettigrew, for he is the antithesis of everything I stand for. He is (sort of) in a position of power because he is a coward. He pinned the blame for killing people on sirius, and that's just wrong.

3. Who is your favorite teacher?
My favorite Hogwarts teacher is Professor Snape. I totally understand that he's mean and strict and condescending, but I guess I like that regimented style. Strict teachers make the class more enjoyable, especially when success is attained. I hate pushover classes in which the students always call out. They should shut up and let me learn...

4. Your least favorite?
My least favorite professor would be Binns, just because he's so boring. For me, history is as good as the teacher. I cannot take history with a boring teacher.

5. What is your favorite class?
Well, I really love classes. I don't love waking up early and going to school, but I enjoy all of my classes. It's hard to choose just one. One has to be math. As explained above, I love numbers. Numbers are absolutes. Another favorite class would be spanish. I picked up the language in a year and I'm pretty fluent in it. It's probably because I'm musical and have a good ear. Another favorite class would be English because I love writing. I used to be strictly math and science but some time last year I discovered that I thoroughly enjoy analyzing literature and writing.

6. What is your view on the dark arts?
They exist. They are evil. The dark arts exist to propel the ambitions of wizards who cannot follow moral rules and advance in the wizarding world. Obviously, they're corrupt, but they do serve a purpose.
7. Should they be taught to students?
I think it should but not without boundaries. It's important for students to know whats out there. You cant insulate students in a bubble immune to the dark arts and expect them to thrive in the real world. They'll have no idea what hit them.
8. Do you feel the things Snape does are justified?
Everybody picks on snape too much. All teachers have favorites. Snape is just a bit more blunt about it. I think he's the most honest character. He doesn't hide behind a black veil.

9. Do you feel Umbridge was fair in her reign of the school?
She was absolutely unfair. She obviously favored certain students and abused her power to the maximum capibility. She overthrew dumbledore. All she was was a power hungry woman with a big head.

10. Describe your wand:
I'm assuming i can put in whatever I want. I would use a strand from the tail of a horse, to provide alacrity in the delivery of spells. I would put in the tongue of a snake to make sure my hexes carry plenty of venom. I would also use the minced horn of a lion or ox to guarantee strength.

11. What type of pet would you bring with you?
I would bring a cat. I love cats because they're quiet and they pounce without warning. They're incredibly threatening when you least expect it.

12. What is your favorite spell?

13. If you were an animagus, what would you be (keeping in mind that your form is a reflection of your personality)?
If I were an animagus, I would be a strong pegasus. Hey, this is Harry Potter, and magic is allowed. It's a combination of two of my favorite animals; a horse and a bird. The horse is amazing; it has so much power and majesty. Horses represent that sort of unbridled freedom that I yearn for. They're also intelligent. I ride horses. I dream about running through the woods with nothing to stop me. But, horses have limits, hence the wings. Wings on a horse would complete the freedom. It can traverse anything. I can just imagine flying through the sky....ahh the bliss. Also, the bird part would have talons, which can be dangerous. I would be able to traverse the earth and its oceans, allthewhile catching my prey efficiently.

14. If you were on the quidditch team what position would you play?
I would most definitely play as a seeker, because I have a really good eye and I'm astute. I am good at making people think something, which is the concept behind the wronsky feint. I want to be the champion who wins the game. I guess I'm an attention hog.

15. What magical career would you pursue after Hogwarts?
I would be editor-in-chief of The Daily Prophet. I am seriously interested in journalism and sensationalizing stories to get the world hooked. I'm really ambitious, so I would push until I ended up as editor-in-chief. I'm good enough and I would not stop. (it would be magical because of my magic quill. ;-). and because literature is magic too).

16. What house do you feel you should be in?
?: I think I'm most like Slytherin. I'm ambitious and I value education. I feel that I am intelligent and would love the academic environment of HOGWARTS. When it comes to my ambitions, I know that petty moral issues would not stop me from pushing. This makes me a bit dangerous, unfortunately, hence the Slytherin. I do not consider myself solely evil, but I always do everything in my power to get what I want. I am a bit sneaky. However, I know that I do have some Gryffindor in me because I stand up for what I believe in and can't just watch something happen.

happy sorting
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