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Name: Alix
Age: 19

1. Who is your favorite character? This is tough, because, I mean, how do I choose between fred and george? I don't want to just lump them together but, really, you can't have one without the other! I love how they are so resourceful. They get up to mischief but they are also really loyal, loving to their family, and always there to help out when they're needed. I love those boys!

2. Who is you least favorite character? Pansy Parkinson! She's so.. infuriating! She twitters like an idiot and flocks all over Draco and its' just so annoying. Plus she's just cruel... she must be really insecure.

3. Who is your favorite teacher? Hm. I think I'd say... Hagrid. I mean, he really means well! He loves what he does, he loves his crazy creatures. Most of the time he has great ideas for lessons, he has amazing creatures to show the students, sometimes things just go wrong. He doesn't seem to understand that to other people the beasts he handles may not be so fascinating, but to him they are, and he wants to share that!

4. Your least favorite? Probably Binns. I mean, ok, I know he's dead, but liven it up a little! I want to be a teacher myself and I would never be that inattentive. He just doesn't see what's going on around him, doesn't care that his students are bored stiff.

5. What is your favorite class? Potions. I know a lot of hogwarts students dislike it because of snape. But I think it's an amazing subject. The blending of ingredients to create something new and magical is awesome. Also I love to cook, I love the exactness of it, the procedure, and potions is similar in that way.

6. What is your view on the dark arts? I think the dark arts are, well duh, not good. I think that the power that is used in them is amazing and I wish it could be used for good. Some of the ideas, some of the spells, could be translated into positive uses, but as long as there are dark wizards, the dark arts will remain harmful.

7. Should they be taught to students? I don't think that the dark arts, per-se, should be taught to students. But I think they need to learn about them, know how to recognize them, know how strong they are and what the causes and consequnces are, and students should be taught to defend themselves.

8. Do you feel the things Snape does are justified? I think snape holds a ridiculous grudge, but it's something we might not know the full story of yet. I don't think he's a bad teacher, but I do think he is too harsh on some students and too easy on others. He's proved that he can be trusted, but he needs to work on not being a greasy git.

9. Do you feel Umbridge was fair in her reign of the school? Uh, NO. She treated the studnets with absolutely NO respect, she didn't treat anyone with respect. She was conniving and didn't trust anyone. She used punishments that were completely out of line. She was also a crap teacher, she didn't teach them anything. I'm glad my boys fred and george rattled her cage a bit!

10. Describe your wand: 10 and a half inches, cherry wood, thin, with a phoenix tail father core.

11. What type of pet would you bring with you? A cat. A cat like my oldest, a tough guy with a "I'm the king of the castle" attitude, but who still likes to have his belly rubbed and will curl up by my feet at night. Heh :)

12. What is your favorite spell? the Fidelius Charm, making someone your secret keeper. It's a really important spell and has so many possibilites.

13. If you were an animagus, what would you be (keeping in mind that your form is a reflection of your personality)? A fox. They're pretty smart, strong, and really sneaky! They like to get into mischief but they're also devoted to their families and ver protective.

14. If you were on the quidditch team what position would you play? Beater! I think it would be so exciting. The thrill alone would be great, but you'd really be able to do so much to help your team out, and I think that's what makes it such an important position, and a fun one!

15. What magical career would you pursue after Hogwarts? A teacher. Hey, how about a new position at hogwarts? I know it's all about magic for you guys, but what about writing? I mean, these students have to write all these papers but no one is teaching them how to write well, and no one but Hermione seems to enjoy reading! I think students should also be taught English and communications, they'll need it in the real world, and that's a job I'd love!

16. What house do you feel you should be in? Hm... probably gryffindor. Maybe hufflepuff, because I'm a really loyal person, but Gryffs are loyal too. And I like the thrill of adventure, I like to have a lot of fun, I like the pursuit of new things, and of course I'd do anything to protect my family and friends!
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